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TWO Weeks Old!

These babies are really getting into the Christmas Spirit! Four of the puppies (Ross, Chandler, Rachel and Joey) are over THREE pounds now with Monica and Gunther only falling short by two ounces! By their two week mark, Wednesday the 20th, each puppy had both eyes about half way open but by Thursday afternoon, almost everyone was seeing clearly with both of their beautiful little puppy eyes. (This makes them EXTRA excited when they see mom and little baby barks are starting to happen! While their walk is stil a little shaky, the puppies have upgraded to their "big-dog" bed: A bigger area about 4 ft x 4 ft with a bed on one side and potty area on the other. After being in their new kennel for about two days, potty training has commenced! (They are learning on puppy pads for now) Each baby is developing their own personalities, they are so sweet and LOVE to be cuddled (which I have no objection to)! Below is a slideshow of their two week old progress pictures. The group picture and weight chart are LEFT TO RIGHT, in order. The individual pictures are in this order as well! Puppies are growing to be gorgeous and are so excited to meet their new families in just two short weeks!

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