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Four Weeks Old & Puppy Pick day!

This weekend was crazy busy for all of us! DJ or “Dolce”, being the only girl has found her forever home all the way in Pennsylvania! Jesse’s new name will be Danny Boy and he is going to New Jersey! Steve, now beck, is going to be joining a new sister furbaby in Friendswood, TX. Danny will be meeting his two new human sisters in San Antonio and Tanner was hand picked by his new brother to go home in Houston! Joeys new name is Rigley and he is going home to SIX brothers & sistersin Arkansas! We also saw Dr. James on the 16th of August, got our first round of dewormer AND we got microchipped! Our GANA registrations will be coming in soon & these babies are eating 3:/4 mush, 1/4 dry food now! 

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