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We're Pregnant!

Cam and I went to her ultrasound appointment a few days early because we just could NOT wait! For the first time ever, I got to watch the ultrasound and actually see heartbeats! We were so excited! Our potential due date is January 21, 2019 for Cam's final litter. Doc says she is one healthy momma and this pregnancy is treating her jussst right. We started breeding vitamins after the appointment, these help the puppies get fat, healthy and strong (and also help momma stay healthy as well)! We can't wait to see how many show up in the puppy count x-ray scheduled for January 12th! There are at least three spots remaining on the wait list for this litter, please contact me with any questions or just to chat if you are interested in being on the wait list for our "Saved by the Bell" 2019 Spring litter!

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