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TWO Weeks Old!

These little babies have moved into their kennel now and have just started opening their eyes as of yesterday! Cam's extra Calcium vitamins were just what the doctor ordered, literally! ;) She is A Okay and has bounced back so quickly. Dad is starting to get a little more interested (now that these babies are looking around, they've started making more noise as well!) but Hanni still likes to watch from a distance. Everyone is gaining weight right on track and we are looking forward to them gaining more stability every day! T-minus 13 days until PICK day and less than 6 weeks until GO HOME! We accepted a deposit from the Barnes family, coming all the way from California to pick up one of our baby girls and another one going to the Kelly family in Michigan, we are so honored! To our previous familes (and Hanni & Cam), we are gaining family, nation-wide!

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