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   My name is Melissa and I currently reside in the DFW Metroplex! I have always been dog lover and I became a dog breeder when I decided to spread the beautiful looks and personalities of our fur babies, Hannibal and Cameron, and now Maple.  We are proud to be a preferred, "Blue Level" Breeder with the Goldendoodle Association of North America. **WE ONLY BREED STANDARD SIZE, FIRST GENERATION GOLDENDOODLES!**

   Hannibal Graham, our tri-registered (AKC, CKC and GANA) Golden Retriever is a VERY outgoing and family oriented dog. His favorite thing to do is fetch and he LOVES getting new toys!

   Cameron Taylor, our dual registered (CKC and GANA)  Standard Poodle, is champagne in color and is much more independent. Cam loves to lay outside and is really big on snuggles! Cam is now retired after her third litter that went home in March of 2019! She is, of course, still with us and living her best life just being loved on 24/7!

    Maple Reese is our newest family member and new momma! She is also tri-registered (with AKC, CKC and GANA). She's very outgoing and loves to be loved on! I always say she's the perfect combination of Hanni & Cam (even though there is no relation). She is deep red in color and has a white patch on her chest, she is also a standard size Poodle.  


   My dogs were raised in-home and get along well with all ages of children and adults as well as other dogs, and their babies are raised the same way! Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in becoming a Goldendoodle owner and would like to meet my fur children, Hanni, Cam & Maple! 

   I love getting to know our new puppy owners and are available for lifetime support of your puppy as well. If you would like to contact me to discuss taking home a Goldendoodle of your own, please feel free!

   *My loving pets have several health certifications and these details are listed at the bottom of this page. And while I do not ship our puppies, I will aid in any way I can to make the trip an easy, safe, and happy one for you and your baby.

Puppies are here! 
Only 5 spots remaining for the "Sex and The City" Litter of 2023!

*Please see "Available Puppies" page*


Cameron is retired!
We will no longer have white puppies but are happy to be breeding standard size, First Generation Goldendoodles with Maple our Red Standard Poodle.


The Sire


Our New Momma!

Maple Puppy.JPG

Health testing


Cameron, Maple and Hannibal are all Blue Ribbon level breeders with the Goldendoodle Association of North America. They have all been DNA screened with Embark testing and each was cleared of all genetic issues specific to their breeds. Maple & Cameron has had their eyes cleared through OFA and Hannibal has had his heart, eyes, and elbows cleared via OFA and his Pennhip scores were in the tightest 5% of his breed! Both of Cameron's elbows were negative for dysplasia and her hips were awarded an "excellent" score by the OFA as well. Maple's elbows were also negative for dysplasia and her hips were screened with OFA as well and were scored as "Good". Pictures of certificates will only be shown in person or via facetime, if possible, in order to prevent unwarranted copies. Any questions you have feel free to ask!  All of our puppies come with a two year health gaurantee for genetic defects & a spay-neuter contract, bredding rights are avaialble and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please click the PDF logo above to view our contract and feel free to contact for any further information or questions. 

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