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The "Neater Feeder"

neater feeder.jpg

** Size Medium or Large would be best for your new baby**

Dematting Tool


** Another type of tool for any knots the comb can't handle! Do not use this in place of the comb but in addition to & BE CAREFUL! This tool is sharp and can hurt you or your puppy!** 

Puppy Patties!

puppy patty.jpg

** These can be used as treats or meals on the go! Super healthy and all natural company, our dogs LOVE them!**

Meal Mixers

** These are a great addition too for treats, you can also crumble them and mix them in with their normal food for an enticing meal. **

meal mixer.jpg

Training Collar


**Unlike most training collars, this one has a warning BEEP and a vibrate option (just like a cellphone vibrate) and is remote control only, they are great for training not to jump on company!**

Busy Bones are our Favorite!

mini bone.jpg

** HUGE fan of this brand of bones! Always make sure your treats are a product of the USA, not just "packaged" here. There should be a little American flag somewhere on the packaging that will say "Made in USA". This should be your rule of thumb for any and all your babies treats!**

Soft Tip Thermometer


** Kepp an eye on your babies health! A fever is the first sign of illness for most anything! A normal dog temp is 100*-102.5. I take our dogs temperature any time the have runny poop or are just acting "not like themselves, if their temp is normal, its nothing to be concerned about.**

Slicker brush for Poofing!


** This brush keeps your babies hair etra fluffy! Its good to brush them at least 1-2x a week to lower the possibility of matts!**

A Crate to Grow into!


** This crate has a divider to use when your puppy is smaller, keeping their area they are contained in helps prevents accidents! The divider can be moved once they grow big & strong!**

Best Dog Shampoo Ever!


** This stuff is my best kept secret! Smells amazing and lasts forever! Your baby  was bathed with this on go home day!**

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