We currently DO Not  have available puppies!
All of Maple's first litter have new homes to go to January 2022!
Maple's second litter will be due around Fall 2022. Contact us to join our waitlist today!

Maple's First Litter, "The Office"!
1. Franco Family, TX
2. Sutton Family, HI
3. Kim Family, TX
4. R. Jasper, TX
5. Pope Family, FL
6. Forbes Family, TX
7. M. Khedairy, WA
8. Lecky Family, TX


Please see Current Wait List & Pricing Details below!

Maple's Second Litter Due Late 2022
1. E. Charrlton (Male), TX
2. The Nations Family (Female), CO
3. S. Roman (Male), TX
4. Shannon Family (Male), TX


Our fourth litter of first generation Goldendoodle puppies will come with limited, dual GANA and  CKC Registration, will be sold on a spay/neuter contract and will be micro chipped. Each puppy will have their dewclaws removed as well as any and all age-appropriate shots and will be dewormed at 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age. (Each puppy will also have at least one fecal exam before going to their new families, usually multiple.) Our Goldendoodle puppies will be engrossed in Early Neurological Stimulation  (a series of daily activities done with each puppy individually in order to help them develop a more easy going temperament). Included with the price of your puppy is a care package specialized to your puppy, individually (please see the blog for pictures and descriptions). Please visit our home page to view a description of the health testing that has been completed on Hannibal and Cameron! And, as always, thank you for your interest! 


Each puppy comes with a health guarantee that protects against life-inhibiting genetic defect until 2 years of age. (It is at breeder's discretion whether the warrant will be covered by monetary means or with the replacement of a like puppy.) Please note, our Goldendoodle puppies are First Generation which means they are 50% Golden Retriever and 50% Standard Poodle. this means they are not guaranteed to be hypo-allergenic or non-shedding.  Please click on the PDF button below to view a copy of our contract & health guarantee. 

Puppies are $3400 total (regardless of sex) which includes a deposit of $500 (minus our wait list fee) to be paid by 4 weeks of age when you are allowed to meet the litter and pick the puppy of your choice! Remaining balance is due when puppies reach 7 weeks of age. Breeding rights are available and will be sold on a case by case basis for an additional fee. (Please note: We give a discount to future families who place a wait-list deposit before pregnancy is confirmed. If there are puppies available after our waitlist is satisfied, pricing will reflect the remainder puppies being sold without the early-bird discount.) 

A non-refundable fee of $100.00 will be collected to be placed on the waiting list for future litters. This fee is non-refundable and will be subtracted from your deposit amount once puppies reach 4 weeks of age. Once puppies are 4 weeks of age, a full deposit of $500.00 will be required to reserve your puppy pick!

**Please visit our blog for updates on Hannibal and Cameron as well as previous litters!

Past "Made For TV Dooles" Proud Owners:

"Full House" Litter

New Owners:

1. C. Hainley, PA (Female) 

2. M. Malone, TX (Male)

3. S. Bishop, TX (Male)

4. J. Fury, NJ (Male)

5. R. Bruce, TX (Male)

6. M. Grimm, TX (Male)

Fur-ever "Friends" Litter

New Owners:

1. T. Stayer, TX (Male)

2. E. Purcell, TX (Male) 

3. A. Bagley, TX (Male)

4. B. Johnson, AR (Female)

5. E. Ward, AR (Female)

6. A. Westbrook, TX (Male)

2019 "Saved by the Bell" Litter

New Owners

1. H. Kelly, MI (Male) 

2. The Clark Family, TX (Male)

3. The Craig Family, TX (Female)

4. M. Barnes, CA (Female)

5. The Baker Family, CO (Female)

6. The Nations Family, CO (Female)

7. The Gaddy Family, TX (Female)

8. C. Peirson, MD (Female)