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"Roxy Reese"

We absolutely LOVE our boy, Louie! He is so smart, sweet and silly and is everything you could ever ask for in a best friend. He loves playing fetch and tug-o-war and going for walks, but is also content sitting with his family on the couch all cuddled in to watch a movie. He’s the best boy! He also gets along really well with other dogs, kids and the elderly. He’s beloved by so many that we actually plan to get him certified as a therapy dog in order to take him to local hospitals and clinics to help spread the doodle love! 


Louie is hands down the easiest dog I’ve ever potty trained! Once he hit about 3-months-old we never had an accident inside again, and we easily trained him to ring a bell when he wants out. I give Melissa a lot of credit for this! She works with the pups on potty training before they even come home. She also does Early Neurological Stimulation exercises to help get the pups used to being handled and it introduces them to mild stresses in a controlled manner. (It also has a lot of other great health benefits!)


Overall, we had the best experience with Melissa! She sent us several updates with pictures leading up to us taking him home.  She even gave us a very helpful starter bag with several goodies and all of his records, which included shots, etc in a nice folder. When we took Lou to the vet, they were very impressed with all of his documentation. Melissa was also great to respond to any questions we may have had once we got our boy home. 


We are so thrilled with our experience with Made for TV Doodles, and would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a beautiful, smart, healthy and caring pup! We are so in love with our Louie, and he’s the perfect addition to our family. Thank you Melissa and Made for TV Doodles! 


roxy 1.jpg

We sure do love our smart and gorgeous girl! Every day with her is an absolute joy!


Roxy is now a thriving one year old who charms everyone she meets. She's been healthy and energetic since day one, as a puppy should be! She is everything (and more) that Melissa had described about her personality: curious, clever, affectionate, confident, and highly sociable. It's no surprise, after meeting her pup-parents, Maple and Hanni; both are beautifully fit, confident, intelligent, and clearly beloved family pets. I watched them groom and interact with their puppies like pros and knew I had found the best environment and the right breeder in Melissa. Each puppy was given the care, attention, and socialization they needed to flourish as family pets. I'm certain that Roxy's training came easily because of her great genes and early family atmosphere. She is a fabulous dog and we adore everything about her.


Melissa was fantastic throughout: accessible, organized, helpful, reliable, and always friendly. My family loved her weekly PUPdate photos, videos, and progress reports too! It's wonderful to share part of the journey together and watch the puppies grow.



Roxy is a superstar companion and I am grateful knowing that her first eight weeks of life were in Melissa's excellent care, in an ideal family home. I'm thrilled we chose MadeForTvDoodles!

--- Jen (Round Rock, TX) The Office Litter 2022

roxy 2.jpg
cooper 2.jpg


“We had the best experience with Melissa from Made for TV doodles!! Melissa was great at sending updates to us before we picked up our sweet puppy. She also gave us the most helpful starter bag so we felt prepared from the very beginning. I really trusted she was taking great care of her puppies. We feel like we hit the jackpot finding Made for TV Doodles. Our goldendoodle, Cooper, is the most gentle and smart puppy. He is so good with children and other dogs. He is the perfect family dog. He is very well behaved and we always receive compliments on his beautiful color.”

-- The Lecky Family (TX): "The Office" Litter 2022

cooper 1.JPG


ellie 4.jpg

"My wife and I owned an F1 Standard Golden Doodle for 14 years, and she was the best Pet we ever had.   Once she passed we waited 2 years before we went searching for another Golden Doodle.  Our Standard was high and my daughter found “ Made for TV Doodles” and sent us the link to the website.  We loved everything about the website and what they had to offer.  We only wanted a first generation F1 Standard Golden Doodle, And this is where we found Ellie.  Once we contacted Melissa and told her about our interest in one of her Doodles she was more than hospitable.    She made it so easy for us to choose our Doodle and go through the whole process of bringing her home!  She communicates so well through the whole process.  Now, after having Ellie in our lives for almost 1 1/2 years we couldn’t be happier! She is a beautiful animal and so obedient and loving.  We would HIGHLY Recommend getting your next Doodle from Made for TV Doodles."

-- The Pope Family (FL), "The Office" Litter 2022

ellie 1.jpg


"I had the best experience with Melissa from Made for TV Doodles.She answered everyone of my questions, even if they seemed “dumb”, she made me Feel important and valued.  The whole process was amazing. I live in PA and Melissa in Texas, so there was distance. I felt so comfortable, and 100% sure of my choice in her as a breeder, and “Dolce” as my puppy. She was very open and honest and her communication Throughout the whole process was impeccable. Once the puppies were born, and my pick Confirmed, she continued to reach out to me, via emails, texts and the occasional FaceTime with my puppy. She went above and beyond what would be normally expected. It was a “short” 8 wk waiting, as I had regular PUPdates, and pictures.  She assisted me with the needed stuff to fly my puppy home. And even Provided transportation from the airport to pick up my puppy. It was such a relaxing experience and NO STRESS. As far as the puppy, she is the BEST.  Dolce has an awesome personality. She is healthy and the folder of information for my vet was spot on. Melissa made everything so easy for me. Dolce is training to become a service dog and is doing so well. Other breeders and dog Trainers were so impressed with how things were handled, and all the health testing and clearance that Melissa had done. If I ever need another puppy, Melissa is my go-to person. "

-- C. Hainley, (Dover, PA): "Full House" Litter, 2018


"Danny Boy"

"My oldest daughter, now seven has wanted a puppy since she could speak.  Danny Boy has been with us for about a month and he has blessed our home with excitement, love and wet puppy kisses. We were so pleased with the process and dealing with Melissa.  She kept us informed every step of the way from pregnancy, labor, birth and everything that happened the eight weeks after they were born.  She made our first experience a great one!  She even took time to FaceTime us on many occasions so we could see the puppies! Danny Boy is not quite three months old and he is already sitting, lying down and giving paw.  He is such a smart boy and always wants to please us.  We are so happy to have him in our lives and we look forward to many special moments to come! Thank you Melissa for the kindness, attention and love you have given our puppy from day one.  Because of you he is such a sweet boy!"

-- The Fury Family, (NJ): "Full House" Litter, 2018


danny boy.jpeg

(and his sister, Roux)

roux and beck.jpeg

"My wife and I were looking for a new member of the family and Made for TV Doodles was definitely the best choice!  Melissa isn’t a commercial or “big time” breeder, which was really important to us. We didn’t want a puppy from one of the large breeders that are in it for the money.  Melissa and her husband truly care about their dogs and their puppies and it shows when you meet them in person.  Melissa was great through every step in the process and she kept us constantly updated with pictures and videos. It was so cool to see our puppy grow up during the first two months.  We really recommend Melissa and we couldn’t be happier with the beautiful, sweet addition to our family." 

-- Reid & Kyndall (Friendswood, TX): "Full House" Litter, 2018

roux and beck 2.JPEG


"Made for TV Doodles was a great puppy buying experience for our family.  Melissa’s updates, pictures of him and his liter, updates on his weight and doctor visits—all of this made Gulliver feel like part of our family even before we brought him home!  We could tell how much the puppies were loved and what meticulous care Melissa took of them.  All of this made for a happy, healthy puppy who easily transitioned into our home!"

-- The Bishop Family (Houston, TX): Full House" Litter, 2018



Buddy is the perfect puppy! He is very well behaved for a puppy - he loves to sleep most of the time, does well in his crate, and is very easy to train. Everyone who meets Buddy loves him and is amazed by his cuteness. He's so silly and playful too. My fiance and I never have a dull moment with him and are always amused by him. He is the best family dog! He has the perfect balance of playfulness with being laid back and being okay with relaxing with you. I have never seen a dog that loves people and other dogs as much as him. Melissa was an amazing person to work with. Even now, she still answers any questions or concerns I have about being a new puppy parent. This is so valuable with it being our first dog and not always knowing what to expect! I strongly believe that Melissa is a very responsible and reputable breeder that is breeding good traits into her future puppies. This is obvious by the sweet, gentle temperament that Buddy has - not to mention his amazingly good looks to go with it! Please consider Made for TV Doodles if you want a smart, adorable puppy with a great temperament from a responsible and amazingly supportive breeder! 

-- Madelyn & Matthew, (Dallas, TX): "Full House" Litter, 2018


12/10 Would Recommend!

"Melissa was so awesome to work with, she is such a pleasant lady with awesome communication skills. It is so comforting to know that someone genuinely cares about the pups and where they are going, just as if they were their own, it is way more than just a business to her. We had been looking for Goldendoodles and it’s a rare find to find a breeder who has a heart like Melissa. She went above and beyond to make sure that we were informed, happy, comfortable and up to date with our babies with plenty of pictures to watch them grow!! We had such a wonderful experience and I could not thank her enough, we love our babies so much and appreciate EVERYTHING you’ve done for them!! "

-- Emily, P. (Lewisville, TX): "Friends" Litter, 2017


"I have owned numerous dogs of various breeds in my life and I have never had a better experience with a breeder than I had with Melissa. She went above and beyond in the care for this group of puppies and in her interactions with their future forever  families.

Ross came home with me on January 31st and has been absolutely perfect! Not one night has he whined or cried. Crate training and house breaking have been effortless. He has not chewed on anything that wasn’t intended for him to chew on and he hasn’t had any “accidents” in the house. All indications are he is very smart and has a great temperament. He recently had his well puppy checkup and received nothing but praise from my vet for his health, demeanor and all the documentation Melissa provided in his puppy packet.

If you are looking for a healthy puppy from an above average breeder you don’t need to look any further."

-- T. Stayer (Haltom City, TX): "Friends" Litter, 2017

Bo (with his Aussiedoodle brother, Luke)

at 10 weeks weighing in at a whopping 23.6lbs!


"I couldn’t be more happy with Connie and how well she’s adapted to my family. I already had a French Bulldog and felt that he needed a friend.. They have become the absolute best friends and make life so much fun. Easy to train, very laid back, and so very loving. My favorite part about the adopting process was how well informed I was kept about her as she was there for her first 8 weeks. I LOVED the pictures for the holidays and keeping up with her weight and growth as we went. Each picture I received made me even more excited for our pick up day! The going home bag that Melissa gave me really helped with that transition, as well. She got to have a blanket that she was used to, that I’m sure was the reason we got any sleep for the first night. Ha! I couldn’t remember what type of food she had been eating, but luckily that was sent in her bag as well! (Gallon zip lock bag and picture of the type of food, thank goodness) The toys, leash, and photo album of the puppies all together for the 8 weeks was the icing on the cake!!  Thank you, Melissa for raising such a well rounded, easy going dog! I couldn’t imagine not having her in my family now."


-- B. Johnson (Fort Smith, AR): "Friends" Litter, 2017 


"Made for TV Doodles has given us a piece of heaven! Melissa did an incredible job of being “doggie mom!” She kept my family updated on their progress by pictures and videos. She sent Cadee home with her own blanket and toys so she could have familiar smells. She truly went above and beyond. You see we got our Cadee AnnMarie as a companion animal. My 30 year old brother passed away unexpectedly Oct 2017. 7 days after his death our family dog unexpectedly passed away. I was a mess. I saw the post with our Cadee on Dec 6th and reserved her not long after. Cadee is incredible. She is easy going but spunky. She can cuddle or she can play fetch like a champion. She is absolutely wonderful with our children. In fact she MUST ride to drop them off to school everyday. She is a gift from heaven and we are so thankful that Melissa took such great care of her dogs that gave us our amazing dog. Thank you Made for TV Doodles! We are forever grateful."


-- The Ward Family (Fort Smith, AR): "Friends"Litter, 2017 

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