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New to GANA!

This week, Made for TV Doodles became the 49th Breeder of GANA, the Goldendoodle Association of North America. I am beyond blessed and excited to be a member and Breeder with this amazing organization. GANA requires health testing and approval to be listed as a Breeder with approval from their group that works towards bettering the Goldendoodle breed! We are so thankful to be a part of this and look forward to our next litter of Goldendoodles being DUAL Registered with CKC and GANA registrations! On another note, Cam is doing wonderful since our babies went home to be with their new families, she is more playful than ever and has started to steal some of Hannibal’s toys! Cam went to the vet for her mommy checkup one week after the puppies went home and after a full test panel was given a clean bill of health, post puppies!

 Hanni is doing great as well and has been attending Manners classes with mom at a new training facility near home, he still LOVES to fetch and is constantly making us smile! Overall, everything is going great here at home and we are all just enjoying life at the moment! Happy St. Patty’s day from ours to yours! 

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