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Happy Birthday to our "Sex and the City" Litter 2023!

Maple went into labor Thursday evening and her first puppy, a baby girl was born at 7:14pm! All puppies were born healthy with no issues and the last puppy was born around 2am Friday morning. Maple gave birth to a total of 7 healthy puppies, 4 girls & 3 boys!

Mom & babies are all doing great! Today, at two days old, we saw Dr. Preston (Reproductive Specialist Vet) to have puppies dew claws removed. All 7 puppies and mom got a physicial exam as well and Dr. Preston said Maple did a wonderful job!

Mom and babies are now just resting and we have started our Early Neurological Stimulation exercises as well :) Stay tuned for individual pictures, puppy names, & more updates to come!


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