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ONE week old!

These babies turned one week old last Saturday, July 28th! They are all getting big and gaining weight like crazy and are also getting very mobile already! Mom is doing great and is starting to gain a little independence back as well. With our first week down, ENS activities have been going really well and each puppy is getting better by the day! Also, everyone broke their weight goal of doubling their birth weight by the 7th day with Danny, the runt (Brown Collar) doing it first! Their weights largest to smallest are as follows: "Joey" (Green) 2 lbs. 7.2 oz, "DJ" (Pink) 2 lb. 5.6oz, "Tanner" (Black) 2lb 4.5oz, "Steve" (Yellow) 2lb 4oz, "Jesse" (Light Blue) 2lb. 3.4oz, and "Danny" (Brown) 2lb 1.9oz!

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