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Cami girl is currently in season!

Last Saturday, Cam started what I believed to be her cycle. I tried to convince myself otherwise since it seems to have come so quickly! I made her an appointment just to be sure. On Tuesday the 14th, we traveled to see Dr. Metzler to make sure everything was okay and that our girl was as healthy as possible. Dr. Metzler let us know that all of Cam's levels are perfect! Her weight was 51lbs (out of her breeds normal weight range of 45-55lbs) and that her all over physical shape is great! We have confirmed she is currently in heat and anticipate mating to be within the next two weeks! Nothing is for sure until pregnancy can be confirmed approximately 30 days after mating but as of now, we believe puppies will be here mid-late January and able to be home with their new families sometime between March and April! I'm sure these little babies would fit perfectly in an Easter basket! ;)

This will be out last litter from both Cam and Hannibal. We are looking forward to a healthy litter of puppies and one happily retired momma come next Spring!

I am always available to speak with potential families and am an open book when it comes to the life, personalities and health of our fur babies, feel free to contact me via the website chat (located at the bottom right of your screen and please include your email!!) or by my email or phone number listed on our contact page.

Cam, Hanni and I are all pleased with the latest news on our future litter!

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